>>> Building a Physics Engine

I got my hands on Landau, Course of Theoretical Physics. I want to challenge my understanding of the book by writing a physics engine that provide a computational layer for the book chapter by chapter.

>>> Just another Physics Engine

Out there you can find any sort of stuff if you are interested in physics engines, from general computation frameworks like Mathematica to game engines like Unreal. A good textbook on physics engines is Structure and Interpretation of Classical Mechanics, an unusual physics textbook that approach the subject from computational perspective.

Even if originally I had the idea of building the Physics Engine in Lisp, I wanted to build something that works in the web, so I eventually turned my attention to Javascript. three.js looks like a good starting point for the 3d rendering part, and turns out it works also in virtual reality: I managed to build an immersive 3d website in a couple of hour that run on my Oculus Quest.

>>> The double-pendulum

Landau starts off describing Lagrangian mechanics and leaves as a exercise to the reader to find the equation of motions for a double pendulum, e.g. a pendulum attached at the end of another pendulum (see the double-pendulum on ScienceWorld for a good treatment of the problem).

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