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Hi there I am Alessandro and I like VIM. I like it so much that I made my website look like a command line! I also like Python, Bill Evans, and LiBai (with other chinese poets). In my free time I am Software Engineer at Facebook London, working on Workplace Machine Learning.


After having settled down in the British land, I finally have time to dedicate time to explore lots of areas that catch my interests. I have been spending the last couple of months around offline strategy games, playing drums, training my ping pong skills, learning new programming languages, reading history books.

Working on

(in no particular order)

  • Kaggle Competition: Two Sigma, stock prices prediction repo here
  • Kaggle Competition: Petfinder.my, pets adoption predictions repo here
  • Codeforces: weekly contest of competitive programming (repo here and profile here)
  • Harvard CS181: Machine Learning
  • Harvard CS109B: Advanced Data Science
  • This website, coding and content repo here
  • Recording autumn leaves on piano following Bill Evans version and Eugen Cicero version
  • Answering python questions on StackOverflow (having tons of fun) profile here
  • Trying to grow a Twitter profile (not really sure how) profile here
  • Going through StartupSchool 2020
  • Learning to code in Rust
  • Learning to build on the Blockchain


(I plan to start writing soon , wait for them)
  • [ ] How I built this website
  • [ ] My Codeforces Journey
  • [ ] My Kaggle Journey
  • [x] How I moved to Harvard for one month to audit ML classes
  • [ ] RNN for stock prices predictions
  • [- ] Building in Rust
  • [-- ] Building on the Blockchain
  • [ ] The pervasive power of YouTube
  • [ ] What strategy games teach us about real life
  • [ ] Learning from recent history of technology

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